The ongoing deaths of children while in the care of the child protective services are appalling. The lack of regard that the people in charge who could stop this horrific situation is sickening, Their automatic response to these deaths and to the abuse that also occurs is to ignore, deny and cover up the situation. They must be subjected to a truly independent commission of inquiry with total access, top to bottom.

Babies stolen for illegal adoption-UNSPEAKABLE
2, 595 children dead in five provinces-HORRENDOUS

There are thousands and thousands of agencies that receive funding to protect the children and yet they are still dying. Who is looking after the children?

Regardless of the circumstances at home, these children were placed in the safety net of child protective services. They should have been protected. Instead, their rights - their lives - were taken.

As Canadians, can we continue to sit back and accept these numbers without taking some sort of action?

PLEASE JOIN US for the Fatality Inquiry of Delonna Sullivan and learn first-hand what is happening and meet the victims' family, who are the real experts. PCC will be attending the inquiry and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Delonna Invitation

Medically Kidnapped Teen and Family Escape Canada:
Speak Out on Abuses


As of today, after public outcry and intervention from the German Embassy, the Herrmann family is together again, and safely out of reach of the system that the Herrmanns insist is rife with corruption. They are in Germany. With the help of the German Embassy, they have escaped.


Grand Chief makes confirmation that Alberta foster children's organs are being harvested
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A coroner resigned her position because the government she worked for would not allow her to do her job. How scary is that?! Alberta medical examiner sues provinces, claims political interference. Serious questions raised about work of Calgary medical examiner.
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A doctor who was rocked by scandal within Sick Kids hospital in Toronto and placed under investigation was later hired by the CAS and went on to falsely test and accuse parents of taking drugs. He is now under investigation for a second time. Why would the CAS hire someone who has been under such public scrutiny exhibiting unscrupulous behaviour?
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Not one reason they can give will justify this OBVIOUS WRONG under Family Services. It is a total DISGRACE!!! What kind of people are working in the system?
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Why is the Children's Aid Society 'crying' for more money when they are exhibiting such an indiscriminate waste of spending habits as noted in the following three links: Who gave them the right to take such freedom on the tax dollars money for these questionable trips, and personal use?
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Cash-strapped child welfare sector puts out a nice spread at conference
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